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3M EAR One Touch Dispenser Base PD01000 Pack of 1 Ear plugs sold separately Wall-mounted solution for providing hearing protection Convenient one-touch dispenser A permanent 3M Ear Plug Dispenser, serving as a reminder to wear hearing protection and make 3M Earplugs readily available in noisy areas for full time users and visitors alike Unobstr...
Inc Vat £57.04
3M Earplugs Refill Bottle 500Prs 1100B Pack of 1 Roll down earplugs offers great comfort and good protection Soft hypoallergenic foam material for lower pressure inside the ear Smooth, dirt-resistant surface for better hygiene, durability and comfort Tapered design fits most ear canals making the plugs easier to use 500 pairs
Inc Vat £128.29
3M Refill Earplugs for 1100 Disp 1100R Pack of 1 Disposable Ear Plugs Ear Plug Refill Soft hypoallergenic polyurethane foam Smooth dirt-resistant surface SNR 31dB
Inc Vat £123.77
KeepsafeDetectableearplugs corded Box200 Pack of 1 Corded Foam Earplugs Detectable Blue Pack of 200
Inc Vat £119.63
KeepsafeDetectMould earplugscorded PK200 Pack of 1 Moulded Corded Earplugs Detectable Blue Pack of 200
Inc Vat £315.47
Keepsafe moulded reusable earplugs PK200 Pack of 1 Corded Earplugs Moulded and Reusable Orange/Yellow Pack of 200
Inc Vat £184.39
Sonis Compact Helmet Mntd Ear Defenders Pack of 1 SNR 31 Medium attenuation small compact cup 107-112dB Substantial industrial noise Construction & Agricultural machinery Roadworks Forestry Engineering Hygienic Customisation Colour Coding for easy selection
Inc Vat £30.71
PU Foam Soundstop Ear Plug Cord 100Pairs Pack of 1 Self-adjusting to minimise pressure on the ear canal and to maximise noise protection Conforms to EN352-2
Inc Vat £52.36
Megaplug Ear Plugs With Cord PK60 Pack of 1 Supplied in hygienic carry case with key chain SNR=24 Conforms to EN352-2
Inc Vat £119.48
PU Foam SoundStop Ear Plugs BlkBand PK40 Pack of 1 Can be conveniently stored around the neck when not in use Lightweight and comfortable to use over prolonged periods Easy to fit non-invasive design - earplugs do not penetrate the ear canal Soft foam plugs - Mould easily to achieve comfortable fit SNR=21 Conforms to EN 352-1
Inc Vat £125.57
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